Meet the pArm

The end-of-degree project in which a 3D printed robotic arm is built!

Let's go!

A glance

3D printed

The pArm is a robotic arm entirely 3D printed, using multiple materials: PLA, PVA and CPE+, so that anyone can replicate and build the arm itself on its own.

Open to knowledge

One of the main reasons for making this arm was to help people accessing the robotics world. This way, the entire arm (3D model, software and hardware) is open.

Built by engineers

The entire process is done using the engineering principles learnt during the University degree (Computer Engineering). Build quality, long term working and support are guaranteed.

How it started – how it’s going?

The pArm (printed arm) started as a students project in which we wanted to learn more about the world of robotics. Actually, we wanted to build the KUKA 2000 but as that wasn’t possible we decided to create a 3D printed robotic arm based on the uArm, by UFACTORY.


The main objective behind this project was to build an affordable 3D printed robotic arm.


This way, students, engineers, professors and anyone interested in robotics can learn, discover and grow.


The final product has already been tested in terms of performance, precision and durability so you can use it safely.


Just with a computer with the God’s OS (Linux, of course), you can just plug the arm and start moving with no configuration!

The team

Javier Alonso

Team leader

Among other responsibilities, in charge of the design and main development of the software of the arm. In addition, management of the project, the 3D printing, mathematical analysis and social media.

Mihai Octavian

3D modeler & assembly

In charge of the 3D modeling of the entire robotic arm alongside the assembly of the arm itself. In addition, worked on the development of the desktop app.

José Alejandro Moya

Hardware designer & developer

In charge of the entire design of the hardware that manages the arm. In addition, developer of the main desktop application and mathematical analysis of the arm.

Contact Us

Contact Details

Get in touch with us (or with the University) so we can answer any question you may have! Here you have contact information for the University (ETSISI UPM) and each one of the team.

Campus Sur de la UPM, Calle de Alan Turing, s/n, 28031 Madrid
Phone: +34910673524
Javier Alonso:
Mihai Octavian:
Alejandro Moya: